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Posted by QDigitals Communications on 01/20/2016

Discard traditional, Embrace digital.

Discard traditional, Embrace digital.

Indeed…that is what our clients begin to do, once they start seeing real results from our digital efforts. Our digital marketing campaigns usually begin with numerous brainstorming sessions with customers and later on within our team.

The idea is to develop a roadmap for digital success by developing a separate SEO strategy, social media marketing strategy, deciding target cities and demographics for email marketing coupled with remarketing plans that are a potent advertising tool which guarantee continued visibility.

We also spend time in deciding the Meta tags that are to be incorporated in the source code of the website that has a bearing on the rankings of the brand's website in search engine result pages. Keyword planning tools are used to select the right set of keywords that are low on competition but appear high in global monthly searches.

Ample thought and time is devoted in selecting Google Adwords that is a time-tested and robust audience targeting method for banner, text and rich-media ads. Based on the requirements of the client, the right set of markets is targeted be it domestic or international.

Our digital marketing practice straddles various profit and non-profit sectors including education, hotels, entertainment, travel, ecommerce marketplaces, FMCG, electronics, automotive, home appliances and similar such industries.

By leveraging a multi-pronged approach, we ensure that our customers get the highest return on investment on their online spends and create sound online properties that can generate high returns in the long term.

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